SEO Tips and Tricks

seo tips and trick

If your web site isn’t performing the way you think that it should, then you probably need to work on your site optimization, and look for real seo tips capable of boosting the appeal of your web page. here are some tricks can get you #1 if followed correctly:

  • Research and analyze lists of keywords by using Google keywords planner to get Keyword ideas based on a phrase and monthly search volume…
  • Create a mobile friendly web site: Google prefers responsive web pages, because it provides a better overall experience for their search engines users.
  • Write “how to articles”.
  • Use catchy page title and headlines.
  • Links from diverse trusted web site like ( .org, . Edu, .gov..)
  • Do not overuse keywords
  • Boost your web site loading speed:  search engines penalizes slow-loading websites, to improve your site’s loading speed, check this services provided by Google pagespeed tool

Links tips

  • Don’t use your keywords as an anchor text external links in your page.
  • Use propriety target=”_blank” and rel=”nà_follow” in href tags.