Is Content Marketing Replacing The Need for SEO?

SEO is the backbone of content marketing, as search engines are the doorway to online content
While most business owners invest in content marketing more than they invest in SEO nowadays, SEO is still a vital part of content marketing and must not be ignored. In order to succeed, small businesses need to implement both these strategies. SEO and content marketing work in conjunction with each other to provide the business with hits, followers, and likes. The following points establish how these strategies work together to increase site traffic:

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Using multiple content marketing formats to diversify your traffic

Different publications, writers, and audiences do not all respond to the same type of content.

Want to get in the New York Times? You probably shouldn’t send them an infographic. Approach them with unique, topical data, however, and you might have a way in. Looking to be featured on Buzzfeed? Lengthy lists are the way to go. LinkedI

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17 Ways To Get More Subscribers On YouTube

get more subscribers youtube

Subscribers are critical towards your success on YouTube. Subscribers are the ones who enjoy watching your content and get notified each time you come out with a new video. Getting YouTube subscribers is so important that I could not possibly make this a short list. I needed to create a giant list which is why for this blog post, I will share with you 17 ways to get more subscribers on YouTube.

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