how to build an Rss feed?

RSS Feeds

There are various ways to create RSS feeds. One way is to code the RSS Feed manually, you can try the example  bellow to create your own RSS feeds, just create a text file with “.xml” as extension and past the code bellow, then replace by your domain name.

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Seo advices

If you arrived here it’s likely that you have not got to position your website among the first pages of search engines despite all the investment and effort that you did to achieve your goal of SEO . Do not worry this is not the case for you alone, most including me I could not even reach the top ten of the result page of Google despite the different tips I have learned from some websites that have pushed my site sometimes for the worse.

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How to build a Sitemap?

Here’s everything you need to know about the famous sitemap file and its impact on SEO. This tutorial explains the risks of a poor understanding of the usefulness of the sitemap and gives many tips.

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