17 Ways To Get More Subscribers On YouTube

Subscribers are critical towards your success on YouTube. Subscribers are the ones who enjoy watching your content and get notified each time you come out with a new video. Getting YouTube subscribers is so important that I could not possibly make this a short list. I needed to create a giant list which is why for this blog post, I will share with you 17 ways to get more subscribers on YouTube.

  1. Write good titles for your videos. In your title, you need to tell people what your video is going to be about. The longer the title, the better. However, make sure your title is under 110 characters so people can still tweet your video using a link shortener.
  2. Write descriptions correctly. The ideal description is one that has 2-3 paragraphs and has a link at the bottom to subscribe to your channel. Instead of simply sending people to your channel with this link, you can send them to a link that automatically subscribes the person who clicks on the link.
  3. Create quality videos. This means creating a script, having the right lighting, and no unexpected sounds in the background.
  4. Interact with the subscribers that you already have. The subscribers that you already have can tell their friends about you. By interacting with your subscribers, you will be getting more subscribers via word of mouth.
  5. Upload more videos. People will need to watch multiple videos on your channel before they decide to subscribe to your channel.
  6. Include a channel trailer. In 1-2 minutes, tell people what kind of videos you upload on YouTube, and don’t be shy to share your credentials.
  7. Tweet your videos. By tweeting your videos and getting some of your followers to look at a couple of your videos, you will get more subscribers.
  8. Pin your videos and scatter those pins across different boards. You can watch a YouTube video on Pinterest without leaving the social network. However, you want people to leave Pinterest so they can subscribe to your channel. In the description, mention that there are more videos on your channel which you can get to by clicking on a link in the description.
  9. Have a YouTube subscribe button on your blog. By having a YouTube subscribe button on your blog, you will be able to get a new subscriber without forcing someone to leave your blog. It’s a win-win for everyone!
  10. Have a “click here to subscribe” annotation on the corner of all of your videos. Have the annotation link to a subscription confirmation for your channel. All you need to do is paste the link in the box and from the drop down options, choose “subscribe.” By doing this, anyone who clicks on the annotation automatically gets subscribed to your channel.
  11. Urge people to subscribe to your channel, but don’t beg. Urging people in the proper way can be done by saying, “If you enjoyed this video, then please subscribe to my channel which I update every week about social media, business, and blogging.” Begging is just saying, “Please, please, pretty please subscribe to my YouTube channel.”
  12. Post your videos on Facebook. Some of your friends will end up subscribing to your YouTube channel. It is important to interact with the fan base that you have already built in order to get more subscribers for your channel.
  13. Consistently publish videos. If you post videos on a consistent basis, people will notice and subscribe to your channel.
  14. Let people know when you publish your videos. I let everyone know that I publish my videos every Saturday at 9 am Eastern. That means all of my subscribers (maybe not all of them) are constantly refreshing my channel every Saturday at 8:59 am Eastern.
  15. Share your videos on Google+. Having a Google+ account is very helpful towards getting more YouTube subscribers. Not only do you get an entire page dedicated to all of your YouTube videos, but Google+ is also a Google-owned product, just like YouTube. Using Google+ to promote your YouTube channel will allow you to put the trifecta into action!
  16. Post videos on a frequent basis. When I decided to publish 1 YouTube video every week, I saw a dramatic increase in the number of subscribers I got for my channel. If you are publishing 1 YouTube video every week, you will give your subscribers more to watch, and they will be back for more. Publishing 1 YouTube video every year is still being consistent, but you need to combine consistency with frequency.
  17. Properly tag your videos. Use phrases that you would want people to search for in order to find your videos. If your video is about getting more retweets, “how to get more repins on Pinterest” would not be a good tag to use
    Those are the 17 ways to get more subscribers on YouTube. It is a lengthy list compared to most of my other lists, but since getting subscribers is critical to success on YouTube, I felt the need to make this list longer than normal. What are your thoughts about the list, and are there any suggestions that you have?

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