Is Bing Important For SEO?

According to the most current data–Yes. Bing is vitally important for SEO, and its popularity is rising.
A major recent announcement cemented this fact:

Bing’s partnership with Apple. Anytime, anywhere, a consumer makes a standard search query in an Apple search bar, the results are shown through Bing—they are the official ‘Spotlight Search’ provider for all Apple products. Set to release on September 10th, 2014– Mac’s new OS X  ‘Yosemite’ operating system is rumored to feature Bing even more centrally than in previous editions.

While Google holds 67% of Internet search engine market share in 2013, Bing powered search engines combined for just short of 29% market share, and that’s a lot of searches.

Bing is Important—but how is optimizing for Bing Different than optimizing for Google?

The best SEO sites are naturally great content providers, and offer great user experiences—which will translate to all search engines. Here at Cirus, we are experts at search engine optimization for both Google and Bing powered search engines. However, Google and Bing do use entirely different algorithms. As an example:

Places a higher importance on domain age and domain keyword content
Higher emphasis on Header and Title Tags
More direct keyword emphasis
Places a higher emphasis on Meta Keywords and Descriptions
More investigative on backlink profiles.

With the proper technical oversight—you can be sure your most valuable asset, your website, is fully optimized for both Bing and Google—and stay ahead of the curve of your competition. Receive your free Website SEO Audit and a free Competitor Report today.

I’ve had a great experience with Google’s Adwords. Does Bing have a similar advertising system?

Bing has a similar Pay-Per-Click advertising system, called ‘Bing Ads’.  These ads function just like Google’s Adwords—they appear when a customer types in a query with a keyword you’re targeting, and you only pay when they click your ad. Because Bing has fewer competitors, it is more cost efficient to advertise—and ultimately cheaper and more efficient at reaching your potential target market. Here at Cirus, we are accredited Bing Advertisers, and we’re experts with years of experience; growing, nurturing and managing Bing Pay-Per-Click accounts. Contact us about Pay-Per-Click Management today. You can learn more about Bing Ad’s, and how they work, here.

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